Amazing Arnica!!

Dominique Delucca

We'd like to introduce you to Arnica Montana, sometimes referred to as Leopard's Bane or Mountain Daisy. Arnica is a summer perennial with golden daisy-like flowers native to Eastern Europe and Siberia, and has been used in homeopathic preparations for centuries. In the 12th century St. Hildegard wrote about the healing properties of Arnica, and various remedies containing the herb have been used for bruising and inflammation ever since. Dank Essence's Lux Lotion Bars bring the soothing presence of Arnica Montana in combination with the anti-inflammatory effects of pure Hemp Oil distillate for an intense moisturizing experience. Lux Lotion Bars are perfect for spot treatment of problem areas, as well as all over moisturizing. Especially effective for dry, cracked heels and feet.