Coffee!! More than just a wake up in the Morning!!

Dominique Delucca

For many of us, morning can be a bleak place indeed, if we are unable to greet the sun with hot coffee in hand. However, there is much more to the popular product, made from the roasted, ground beans of the Coffea plant, then a morning wake up. In addition to caffeine, coffee contains antioxidants, which are thought to prevent premature skin aging. The caffeine itself has been shown to reduce inflammation and swelling, and to temporarily reduce the appearance of cellulite. 

A recent article published by Huffpost, 3 Reasons To Make Coffee Part Of Your Skincare Routine, touts the benefits of coffee scrubs in particular, According to the article, the benefits of topical application of skincare products containing coffee outweigh any benefit received from drinking the beverage.

Enter Dank Essence's new line of coffee scrubs. We are excited to introduce three different formulas: Coffee Oat, Sweet Orange Coffee, and Coffee Lavender. As always we use all natural, fair trade ingredients for all of our bases, including soothing organic oats, natural cocoa powder, honey, and natural essential oils. But let's talk about the coffee, we use all natural locally sourced coffee, which we then infuse with Hemp Oil. So in addition to all the fabulous benefits of the natural caffeine and antioxidants in coffee, our scrubs deliver the additional, highly potent, anti-inflammatory properties of Hemp as well. Give it a try, your skin will thank you!!