Dank Essence is a Denver-based company that creates Hemp OIL-infused topical health and beauty products. We using only the highest quality ingredients, from locally sourced herbs and flowers, to purity-tested Hemp oil extracted by local companies. We also utilize exotic fair trade sourced ingredients such as kaolin clay and Dead Sea salt. Additionally we use the finest grade of epsom salt, all-natural essential oils, a proprietary blend of organic almond/jojoba/cold press olive/sunflower oil; as well as natural oil-based soap color, sodium bicarbonate and citric acid.  


Dominique first came up with the concept of Hemp Oil -infused bath bombs in March of 2016:

“I experienced almost a solid month of chronic insomnia and unrelenting anxiety. I guess you could call it a type of identity crisis. When I finally faced my insecurities and my ego, I realized that I had to forgive myself and all the others that had wronged me throughout my life. One day during this time in my life, I was soaking in a bathtub with Epsom salts and essential oils while also vaping on a Hemp oil cartridge. I firmly believe that the combination of the bath and the Hemp Oil vape pen allowed my mind to clear enough that I could get past the distraction of my anxieties and start thinking creatively. It was then that I came up with the idea of a Hemp Oil-infused bath bomb and suddenly the concept of Dank Essence was conceived.”

Dominiqe was already working with Cannetic Inc. so it was only natural to call on her friend, Mark Clay to help her put feet to the dream. Two weeks later, Dank Essence was a real company selling real productsFounder Dominique Delucca (pictured above with her husband Daniel Schahaff), 29, was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay area. Dominique started Dank Essence along with co-founder Mark Clay, a Colorado native and owner of Cannetic, Inc in May, 2016. Both have significant experience in the marijuana industry and a passion for innovation and ground breaking ways to consume and utilize cannabis in all its forms.

Dank Essence is a Denver-based company that creates Hemp Oil-infused bath bombs using only the highest quality ingredients such as purity-tested Hemp oil extracted by local companies, kaolin clay, Dead Sea salt, Epsom salt, all-natural essential oils, almond and/or coconut oil, natural oil-based soap color, sodium bicarbonate and citric acid.



Returns/Exchanges Policy: We do not except returns or exchanges. All sales are FINAL.

Customer Service Contact: Phone -(303)887-1093, Email- info@dankessence.com, Address- 4255 S.Buckley Rd. #408 Aurora CO 80013